Lucia di lamermoor / La Scala

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Lucia di lamermoor / La Scala

Messaggio da Romano » 23 mag 2006 22:49

Good evening
I'd like to go to the Scala, in July, to hear Mariella Devia in Lucia di Lamermoor, but it's sold out on the Scala website. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a ticket the day of the performance in La Scala ? Or do people sell tickets in front of the theatre before the show (like in many theatres in the world, but perhaps it's forbidden in Italia ?..).
Thanks for your advices !

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Messaggio da juananmat » 20 giu 2006 09:35

Hello, Romano
Try again now and then on the Scala website. It was sold out at first, but last week a few tickets for sale turned up and I bought one for the performance on July 5th.